Pump Up The Volume Fundraiser- Sustainable Solar Powered Water System

IMG_3893 copyWe have teamed up with fellow water provider, W.S. Darley and Company, to build a sustainable solar-powered water system on our farm also known as our Center for Sustainability.  Year-round water access with far greater output than our current hand pump well will radically increase food output, earning capacity, and educational reach. In addition to leveraging solar power to pump water to an elevated (20 foot) tank 10,000 liter tank, the system will supply a 250 fish aquaponics tank enabling us to grow Nile tilapia and use their waste to enrich our plant nursery and gardens. This will help us to generate more local income to support Ugandan programs. Darley’s $5,000 donation of water supplies leaves $10,000 more to raise. Will you help us pump up the volume? Donate here.