Who We Are

FIC Mission Statement: Freedom in Creation inspires healthy sustainable community with art, water and global education. Through grassroots community development, we empower youth and women with art as therapy and entrepreneurship education, enabling them to bring vital resources to their communities. Connecting development programs with international classrooms, we enrich global education with participatory and service learning.

Freedom in Creation is a community of global citizens who recognize the value of cross-cultural relationships and the reciprocal blessing of service. Organizationally, we are comprised mostly of volunteers and creative advocates intent on building bridges to enrich communities by increasing health, global education and celebrating the dignity of life through art.

We are people from all walks of life intent on maintaining cross-cultural conversations while walking alongside and assisting the underprivileged. We are aspiring artists intent on shedding the label of child soldiers. We are community leaders displaced by war who volunteer because we have seen that art inherently affirms, heals and inspires our children. We are farmers. We are students. We are teachers. We are girls who once walked long distances to collect water and are intent on increasing others access. We are graphic artists and videographers. We are CPA’s. We are international development professionals. We are art therapy professors. We are entrepreneurs. We are teenagers. We are environmental conservationists. We are college students. We are philanthropists. We are electricians. We are global citizens who recognize that our footprints are signs of our many relationships — known and unknown, just and unjust, local and international — all of which demanding the question, “to whom and or what am I responsible?” and a proactive pursuit of responsibility.

Our community-based and volunteer support enables our success and efficiency.