Freedom in Creation invests in a healthy water culture by affording underserved communities access to clean drinking water and teaching about water-related issues. In Uganda we drill wells, rehabilitate broken wells, model crop irrigation and teach about water management, hygiene and sanitation. Working hand-in-hand with local leaders and Ugandan water engineers, we teach students about such things as the interface of water-born disease and economics, water engineering, the mapping of water points through GPS technology, and the leadership necessary to make projects sustainable.

Our efforts are defined by relationships in the local community. In addition to working with trained Ugandan engineers, we invest in our children giving them opportunities to serve as junior water officers, liaise with local leaders to understand need, interact with surveyors and drillers, and participate in water advocacy and teaching the community about the value of water. This is fundamental as long-term water security will be defined by communities taking ownership of their water supply meaning that they will pay to have wells rehabilitated or learn to maintenance them. Only with a healthy water culture will livelihood increase.